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Welcome to Anarchy Online!

Live Server: Online
RK2019 Server: Online - Lv125 Cap || Expansions: Notum Wars

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Account Security & You

In order to maintain the security and privacy of your account, please keep your account information private; do not share your login details with others. Funcom staff NEVER ask you for your password, and other players should not either. Please report any concerns to customer support. Thank you!

Changes to Account Services

Please note that as of April 13, 2016, Account Merges and Veteran Account Creation are no longer available. Character transfers remain an option.

Update 18.8 is LIVE!

This update heralds the arrival of the New Graphics Engine open beta! This optional client can now be used to access the live servers. We welcome any and all feedback. You may find links to download either the classic client or the new engine client from your account homepage.

A notice to the citizens of Rubi-Ka! We hope that you will take some time to read an important message regarding account security:

Remember that it is important to not share your account password. Be aware that third party addons, mods, websites, and emails may steal your account information. Do not enter your account information in any website or program that is not an official Funcom product. A Funcom employee will NEVER ask for your password!

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